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About Nathan

I have always been passionate about nutrition and keeping healthy. For the last 6 years I have been self-studying and researching nutrition and have a Diploma in Alkaline Nutrition and received a Distinction. I am an experienced traveller and have experienced many different cultures of food. A large majority of the medical conditions we face are from our diet. I don’t have a magical cure and i don’t claim to have cure for a certain illness, I don’t sell you shakes from other companies to make a profit either. I design a food programme for you to suit your lifestyle/work life. The programme I design you will give your body the perfect environment to rebalance and heal. We are what we eat! …and I am proving this with great results

Family Illness

Six years ago, my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, his PSA reading was 194 ng/ml. It shouldn’t be above 3.5 ng/ml in a white male of the age of 50. He received intense radiotherapy and hormone injections, but his readings began to climb again. I began studying and researching nutrition, we began juicing vegetables, making smoothies, eating healthy and his readings began to drop. Consistency is key like with anything in life, and we stuck to an Alkaline plant based diet. (All clients do not need to follow this diet). The Oncologist re-checked his readings 3 times and couldn’t understand what had happened and why it suddenly began dropping. My father said “I’ve changed my diet“ they arrogantly smirked and said “it had nothing to do with that”. Never once was my father asked about his diet or lifestyle when going to the doctor or hospital. They have monitored him for the last several years, and have now given him the all clear. I am NOT claiming to have a ‘cancer cure’, but I don’t believe it was just a coincidence his reading suddenly started dropping and continued to drop once he started and continued to diet. After this experience i have always wanted to help people with weight problems and other health conditions.

My Experience

Eighteen months later I was bitten by a German shepherd, the bite went through my muscle and tendons. I had an emergency operation the following day and woke up to be told there was a 30% chance I would never move my finger and thumb again and may need plastic surgery. I was told I would be off work for 4-5 months and need to start a rehabilitation programme. I told them I can’t accept this. I needed to get back to work and run my business. They told me they were the specialists I needed to listen to them and the wound needs to heal. I studied and designed a diet plan for myself to see if i could speed the healing process and returned to the hospital 14 days later. They removed the dressing to clean and assess the wound for plastic surgery or stitches and it had healed itself! They looked at my wound in shock and said “you’re a fast healer”, you definitely won’t be needing plastic surgery. After six weeks I had full movement in my arm (physiotherapy helped) and was back at work, 6 weeks faster than they expected. I am a big believer that if we eat the correct foods and give ourselves the nutrients we need, we can eliminate many problems we face today.

What is the Alkaline Diet?

By eating alkaline the body won’t go alkaline everywhere! If it did you’d die with a condition called metabolic alkalosis. While it is true that an acidic environment increases the risk of cancer and other illnesses occurring and that eating alkaline is designed to remove that risk, I want to set the record straight about these myths. Eating alkaline won’t make your whole body turn alkaline and kill cancer cells. When you eat alkaline, you are giving your body an abundance of nutrients to do the best it can to fight disease. An alkaline diet will support the body in maintaining homeostasis, and within that balance it will increase its ability to prevent cancer and other illnesses. The alkaline diet is an incredibly powerful preventive measure, it will give your body the perfect environment to rebalance and heal. But it is misleading to say “cancer can’t live in an alkaline environment, so make your body alkaline.” Saying so opens up the good work of alkaline eating proponents for undue criticism. 

On the services page you will see a list of conditions I can help with, if your condition is not on the page feel free to contact me. I may be able to help or point you in another direction. Always try to remember “you are what you eat”.

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